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Name: Sports.com
Overall Grade (A-F):
Sports.com is one of the most popular online betting destinations, one that offers a myriad of events, promotions, and betting options. Perhaps the strongest feature of the Sports.com website is its intuitive interface and navigation structure. Creating an account is simple, although a deposit of $20 is required prior to placing any bets.

Customer service quality is above average. While the representatives did not always know the answer right away, they made the effort to find out and are extremely polite. Despite leading the pack of online sportsbooks in terms of users and transactions, Sports.com shows no signs of slowing down. Regular visits to the website turn up a wide array of promotions. Among its peers, Sports.com stands as one of the best sport wagering sites available.

Upshot: Recommended
Country UK
Year Started 1998
Special Features/Notes
Initial Deposit Minimum
Initial Deposit Bonus
Reload Bonus
Reload Bonus Terms
On all deposits
Initial Deposit Bonus Terms
No limit
How they accept deposits
  • Credit Cards
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfers

    Transfer fees are reimbursed for Western Union deposits of over $200 and Bank Transfers of over $500.
  • Withdrawals and Pay-Out
  • Bank Draft by priority mail (5-10 business days, for no extra charge)
  • Cashier's Check by FedEx (1-5 business days, $20 fee)
  • Wire Deposit (3-5 business days, $10 fee).

    Note: No withdrawal fees for FedEx withdrawals of $500 or Wire Transfers of $1000
  • Other Fees / Notes
    No service or deposit fees
    The min/max bet and payouts
  • Minimum Bet: $10
  • Minimum Deposit: $20
  • Maximum Payout: None
  • Maximum Bet: $1,100 to $5,500 depending on the sport
  • Wagers
    Parlays, Straight Wager, Futures, Props, Moneylines, Over/Unders, Pointspreads
    Software Used
    vChip System
    English, Spanish, German
    Site speed
    Customer Support
    24-hour support via 800-number and Online Chat
    Sports Offered
    Football, , , , , , Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Hockey, , , , ,
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