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Bet19 Sportsbook Review

Bet19 Sportsbook Review
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Overall Rating (1-5 Stars):
Pros & Cons
Bet19 Pros:
Bet19 has a clean website and interface with a plethora of parlays

Bet19 Cons
Bet19 has a low initial deposit limit for bonus


Bet19 - The Look

Loading up the page I find that not only is Bet19 an internet sports betting site, they are also a self-help program to help justify why you should gamble online. Bet19 even has a helpful chart showing how Las Vegas payouts are about 10% lower than internet payouts. At least I think that's what it says. After all, as a man of limited intelligence, any chart that isn't a pie chart isn't really a chart now, is it? Say that ten times fast.

Bet19 - Registration

Registering for Bet19 is your standard deal. The only beef I have with Bet19 is the username requires a BM in front of it. Why? What does BM stand for? Is it a subliminal message? Bet More? Bad Monkeys? Beer Man? All I know is I have a sudden urge for a long and deep butt massage.

Bet19 - Customer Service

Bet19's main page has an extremely hot - and I mean H O T - girl, posing as a customer service agent. After seeing this, I immediately decided to call their hotline and request a job application or maybe just engage in some "live talk." Therefore it was much to my dismay to find that this hot customer service agent for Bet19 sounded a lot like a man. And her name was John. Was she helpful, you ask? Very helpful. She even mentioned that Bet19's sportsbook has an internet chat help as well, which I found to be speedy and reliable. I thanked her for her time, but I quickly told her that regardless of how hot she looked in her picture, I couldn't possibly date a girl who had such a manly voice.

Bet19 Deposits and Withdrawals

Bet19 offers Standard deposit options: NETteller and Bank Wires and Fedex, oh my! Upon deposit, you're ready to commence your sportsbetting adventure, but then again, what site doesn't. You don't praise the garbage man for taking your trash. He's supposed to.

Bet19 Relies Heavily on NETeller

If you don't have a NETeller account, you may run into a little bit of trouble with Bet19. While some sites use third party companies in order to allow credit card deposits, Bet19 doesn't, which allows the credit card companies to invoke the dreaded "no gambling purchases allowed" clause, located on page 4032 of your credit card manual.

Bet19 Wagering

The most intriguing aspect of Bet19 sports betting is probably the parlays. Unlike some sites that separate parlays on half and quarter lines, Bet19 allows you to combine a money, quarter, half and prop bet onto one parlay. Navigating is fairly simple and Bet19's sports betting pages are clean and easy to understand for even the novice bettors.

Bet19 Bonuses

Bet19 offers 20% up front, which is above the standard ten. Of course, the catch being that the deposit limit is $500, so at most you're looking at a $100 bonus, which is still fairly good. There's also 110% track odds, of the horse betting variety. In addition, Bet19 offers a 9% rebate bonus on monthly net losses, which is spectacular, unless you consider the fact that you have to lose your sports bets to get the 9%.

Bet19 Verdict

The first J-Lo rank has to go to Bet19. She's with Diddy, she's with her dancer, with Affleck and now some Latin guy. You never know what you're gonna pair with her. That's the way I feel about Bet19. Parlay NFL with NBA, 1st quarter with over/under Karl Malone Rogaine commercials - I mean, you just never know. And that's the beauty of it.

Upshot: Recommended
Initial Deposit Bonus
Up to 20% Bonus, up to $100 because of $500 initial deposit limit.
Initial Deposit Bonus Terms
Re-Load Bonus
Up to 10% Bonus.
Re-Load Bonus Terms
Recent Contests
Sports Offered
Year Started 1997
Site Speed
Very Fast
Deposit Methods
  • Bank wire (pay your own fees)
  • Cashiers Check
  • Credit Card
  • ECheck
  • Direct Cash
  • FirePay
  • Neteller
  • Withdrawal & Pay-Out Methods:
    Minimum & Maximum Bets/Pay-Outs:
    Types of Wagers
    Parlays, Teasers, Straight Wager, Futures, Props, Moneylines, If/Win & If/Action, 1st & 2nd Half
    Customer Service
    Software Used
    Learn More: Bet19 Summary Review   |   >>Sign Up for Bet19



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