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best sportsbooks nasa sportsbook
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SportsWager Sportsbook Review

SportsWager Sportsbook Review
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Overall Rating (1-5 Stars):
Pros & Cons
  • Good bonuses and contests
  • Average customer service

  • Slow site speed
  • Limited betting information
  • URL

    Sportswager offers little information about the company. The website is a little slow to load taking 25 seconds over a dial-up connection and just over 8 seconds to load over high-speed DSL.

    Registration is free, as for most websites, but there is a $50 minimum deposit before one can start betting on sports events. Customer service is a great feature of Sportswager. The website seems geared mostly towards the occasional better.

    Upshot: Recommended for Occasional Users Only

    Initial Deposit Bonus
    0% - 15%
    Initial Deposit Bonus Terms
    3 Options:
  • 15% Bonus - No withdrawals until deposit + bonus is bet 5 times
  • 5% Bonus - No withdrawal until deposit + bonus are bet 2 times
  • 0% Bonus - Withdrawals at any time
  • Re-Load Bonus
    0% - 15%
    Re-Load Bonus Terms
    Same 3 options as in deposit
    Recent Contests
  • Vegas Weekend
  • Win a New Hummer
  • Bahamas Trip & Caribbean Cruise
  • Sports Offered
    SportsWager Football- NFL, NCAA, Arena SportsWager Golf- PGA SportsWager Tennis SportsWager Boxing SportsWager Hockey- NHL SportsWager Horseracing SportsWager Auto Racing- NASCAR, Formula 1 SportsWager Baseball- MLB SportsWager Soccer- MLS, Europe, S. America SportsWager Basketball- NBA, NCAA, WNBA
    Year Started 1996
    Site Speed
    Deposit Methods
  • Surefire Visa, Mastercard, NetTeller, Western Union via Cash, Western Union via Credit Card, YourTeller, International Debit Card, Bank Wire, Cashier's Check
  • All fees refunded for deposits over $100
  • Withdrawal & Pay-Out Methods:
  • Western Union - Under $100, fees range from $17-$25
  • Bank Draft via Fed Ex - $39 (Received within 2-3 business days)
  • Surefire Visa - 5%
  • NetTeller - 4.5%
  • Bank Wire - $65 (Credited within 3-5 business days)
  • YourTeller - $5
  • Sports Advisor Payment - No Fee
  • International Debit Cards - $5 (3 days to process)
  • Minimum & Maximum Bets/Pay-Outs:
    Internet Wager:
  • Minimum = $10
  • Maximum = $2,000 is the highest, but it depends on the sport and the type of wager

    Phone Wager:
  • Minimum = $50
  • Maximum = no maximum

  • Types of Wagers
    Parlays, Teasers, Straight Wager, Props, Moneylines, Over/Unders, Pointspreads, 1st & 2nd Half
    Customer Service
  • Telephone Hours: 10am until start of last game

  • Email & Live Chat: 24x7, 365 Days/Year
  • Software Used
    vChip System
    Learn More: SportsWager Full Review   |   >>Sign-Up for SportsWager



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