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WSSB Sportsbook Review

WSSB Sportsbook Review
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Overall Rating (1-5 Stars):
Pros & Cons
  • WSSB Sportbook has a high bonus and editable preferences
  • WSSB Sportbook has limited American betting
  • URL

    WSSB Sportsbook Look

    WSSB Sportbook has been around since 1995. Several advantages of WSSB Sportbook are the many bonuses and the ability to set your own preferences, where you can personally eliminate the annoying mailers and emails that clutter your life. WSSB Sportbook also has various drop down menus to access different sports, betting types and help tutorials.

    WSSB Sportsbook Deposits/Withdrawals

    WSSB Sportbook deposit and withdrawal methods include NETeller, Instacash, eCheck, FirePay, credit cards, bank wire, money transfer and Moneybookers. All fees are applicable and NETeller and Firepay should be familiar with the various policies. Payouts are secure and are regulated by the Curacao government.

    WSSB Sportsbook Betting Types

    WSSB Sportbook offers cross-sport parlays, teasers and if-bets in addition to the standard wagers. However, the prime objective of WSSB online sportsbook seems to be giving you the European sports, things like Snooker, Rugby and football. You know, the football that is actually played with feet. WSSB Sportbook also offers betting on something called the WNBA, although Iím not certain what that is.

    WSSB Sportsbook Bonuses and Promos

    WSSB internet sportsbook gives you a healthy amount of bonuses for your wagering pleasure. WSSB Sportbook offers a 20% bonus up front and a 10% reload bonus. There are some idiotic limitations, like having to call in within 48 hours to claim your bonus. It seems some sportsbooks still canít keep up with simple technology. WSSB Sportbook also has a referral bonus of $75 and loyalty programs for the devoted customer.

    WSSB Online Sportsbook Customer Service

    WSSB online sportsbook is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and 366 on leap years. WSSB Sportbook has a number of different phone departments for your specific need, eliminating the need for those annoying voice answering systems. You can also email WSSB Sportbook at [email protected].

    WSSB Sportsbook Rating

    WSSB Sportbook has been around for a long time and is a good, reliable sportsbook. WSSB Sportbook mostly caters to the European bettor, but has some good options for the US bettor. WSSB Sportbook bonuses, albeit good, require a call in within 48 hours and three times rollover. The WSSB Sportbook reload deposit is also deprived in the event of a recent withdrawal. For all of you looking for that extra edge, WSSB Sportbook may be the right sportsbook for you.
    Initial Deposit Bonus
    Initial Deposit Bonus Terms
    Maximum $200 bonus
    Re-Load Bonus
    Re-Load Bonus Terms
    Minimum $100 deposit
    Recent Contests
  • Rewards Programs
  • Comps
  • Sports Offered
    Year Started 1995
    Site Speed
    Deposit Methods
    Bank transfer, bank wire, credit cards, eCheck, FirePay, MoneyBookers, NETeller, Western Union
    Withdrawal & Pay-Out Methods:
  • Fees apply to withdrawals
  • Withdrawals are processed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Withdrawal methods include: Bank wire, FedEx cashier's check, NETeller, DirectCash, FirePay, eCheck and MoneyBookers
  • Minimum & Maximum Bets/Pay-Outs:
  • $500 to $5,000 maximum, depending on sport
  • Types of Wagers
    Parlays, Teasers, Straight Wager, Futures, Props, If/Win & If/Action
    Customer Service
  • 24/7 Email, fax and toll-free telephone contact
  • Software Used
    Learn More: WSSB Summary Review   |   >>Sign Up for WSSB



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