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Fair Deal Sports Sportsbook Review

Fair Deal Sports Sportsbook Review
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Overall Rating (1-5 Stars):
Pros & Cons
Fair Deal Sports Pros:
  • Plenty of bonuses

    Fair Deal Sports Cons:
  • Parlay options, but limited specialty wagers
  • URL

    Fair Deal Sports - The Look and Navigation

    The first thing that captures the eye is the fact that Fair Deal Sports has a Red Cross donation link on the front of their website. Not only do they call the site Fair Deal Sports, they are pushing charity to help the disadvantaged. Which immediately raises the "mafia don giving to the poor" red flag with me, partly because I'm cynical and partly because I'm just plain crazy. Yet you have to see the parallels between "The Godfather" and Fair Deal Sports.

    Fair Deal Sports - The Navigation

    The navigation is a little confusing if you're a new bettor. You first have to use a drop down menu to pick the sport, then by doing so it brings all the possible ways to lay action on every game. Despite the mess that ensues, for the more experienced wagerer, there are a lot more options. By listing all the betting possibilities on one board, you can parlay the first quarter of the 49ers/Patriots game with the first half and game odds of the Giants/Cowboys game.

    Fair Deal Sports - Deposits and Withdrawals

    Fair Deal Sports Deposit and withdrawal options include the following: Credit cards, bank wires, NETeller, FirePay, NETeller Instacash, Instant Check, Moneybookers and cold hard cash. For all of you credit card junkies, you will be happy to note that Fair Deal Sports eats the fees. You will be unhappy to note, however, that any credit card deposit will need to be accompanied by a credit card authorization form, verifying the charges are legit. In other words, not so good news after all. However, if you employ one of the third party cash middle men, you will be able to make your transactions smoothly. You will also make these middle men a lot of money, for providing what basically comes down to taking your money and handing it to your next door neighbor, who you owe money.

    Fair Deal Sports Betting Types

    With the exception of being able to do some imaginative parlays, there really isn't much to Fair Deal Sports's wagering options. Fair Deal Sports has if bets, props and futures, but so do most other sites. Like a woman would say if I wore briefs, "It doesn't leave much to the imagination."

    Fair Deal Sports Bonuses and Promotions

    Fair Deal Sports gives bettors 20% Cash on initial deposits, which is double the 10% most sites give. The conditions are you have to wager the deposit three times and the most annoying aspect of all, you have to ask the company for the bonus. Why can't they just pay you out automatically? Do they not have the technology? It seems that some companies are using normal computers, while other sites are using Commodore 64's. Unless they made this policy on purpose, in case someone forgot to email for their bonus. Hmm...

    Wacky Wednesday means half juice on Wednesday. Half juice! It's so wacky!!!

    There is also a 10% Reload Bonus for Bankwire, Citadel and Firepay deposits, which basically means Fair Deal Sports is sleeping with Bankwire, Citadel and Firepay. But we won't hold it against them.

    Referral Bonus - $75 - and that's conditional on your friend making a $100 deposit - not even worth making new friends.

    Fair Deal Sports - More Promotions: Happy Hour, Midnight Mayhem and Free Play Mondays are all promotions that give you discounts at certain times or dates. I'll let you guess when.

    Fair Deal Sports Customer Service

    Phone service for both international and domestic clients is available 24-7. The also have online chat and email support. The email, however, has a guarantee of reply within eight hours, which isn't very timely. Therefore the best route to take, especially with a small company, is to call and talk to somebody. The people should be fairly friendly and in good spirits and I base this solely on the fact that they live in the Netherlands, home of Amstel Light, legal drugs and prostitution. However, when I actually telephoned these gents, they not only took about seven rings to answer the phone, they were hardly helpful. They had heavy accents, which only reminded me of dutch windmills, cheesy foods and men named Hans.

    Fair Deal Sports User Reviews

    Users seem to have no qualms about Fair Deal Sports, but nor are there raving testimonials to its greatness. I am inclined to agree.

    Fair Deal Sports Rating

    And with that I give this sportsbook a whopping five star Bono rating, for its fair deals and endless charity. Seriously, that Bono guy is everywhere, making records, saving lives and rescuing children from burning buildings. And it's very peculiar to find a sportsbook posting a charity ad on its front page and thus there is no other choice. The other parallel being U2 has been a steady rock group for thirty centuries and that's what I see in Fair Deal Sports; a steady, decent sportsbook to place your wagers with. Just don't expect them to turn rocks to gold.

    Initial Deposit Bonus
    20% deposit bonus with 3x rollover required
    Initial Deposit Bonus Terms
    Must email customer service to get bonus
    Re-Load Bonus
    10% reload bonus on deposits made by bank wire
    Re-Load Bonus Terms
    Citadel, Firepay only
    Recent Contests
    Sports Offered
    Year Started 1998
    Site Speed
    Deposit Methods
  • Bank Wire
  • Credit Card
  • eCheck
  • Firepay
  • Moneybookers
  • NETeller
  • Western Union
  • Withdrawal & Pay-Out Methods:
    No refunding of credit cards, fees apply to third party money sites.
    Minimum & Maximum Bets/Pay-Outs:
  • Minimum Bet: $10
  • Maximum Bet: Varies from $500 to $5,000 dependent on sport and wager type
  • Types of Wagers
    Parlays, Teasers, Straight Wager, Futures, Props, If/Win & If/Action
    Customer Service
    Customer support is available 24/7, 365 days a year via live chat, toll-free telephone number and email.
    Software Used
    Learn More: Fair Deal Sports Summary Review   |   >>Sign Up for Fair Deal Sports



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