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SportingBet Sportsbook Review
SportingBet Summary Review   |   Full SportingBet Review
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EuroBet Sportsbook Review
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EuroBet Summary Review  |  Full EuroBet Review  
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Summary: EuroBet is a competent and reliable provider of online sports betting, although with so many other services available, its ease of use and value for money are questionable compared to the competition.
Sports : EuroBet Football- NFL, NCAA, CFL, Arena EuroBet Golf- PGA, PGA-Europe EuroBet Tennis EuroBet Hockey- NHL, Europe EuroBet Horseracing EuroBet Rugby EuroBet Entertainment- Lottery, Special Events EuroBet Olympics EuroBet Dog Racing EuroBet Auto Racing- NASCAR, Formula 1, CART, Indy Racing EuroBet Baseball- MLB EuroBet Soccer- MLS, Europe EuroBet Basketball- NBA, NCAA, Europe
BetOnGames Sportsbook Review
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BetOnGames Summary Review  |  Full BetOnGames Review  
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Summary: Run by a respected management team from Curacao, in the Netherlands Antilles, has gained a positive reputation for honesty, fair play and fast pay. Attractive odds and bonuses coupled with an outstanding customer service team make this sportsbook an excellent overall proposition.
Sports : BetOnGames Football BetOnGames Golf BetOnGames Tennis BetOnGames Boxing BetOnGames Hockey BetOnGames Horseracing BetOnGames Olympics BetOnGames Auto Racing BetOnGames Baseball BetOnGames Soccer BetOnGames Basketball
MySportsbook Sportsbook Review
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MySportsbook Summary Review  |  Full MySportsbook Review  
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Summary: MySportsbook is part of the world's largest internet gaming company, SportingBet U.K. Purely dedicated to sports wagering, MySportsbook offers customers multiple betting options as well as a wide variety of sports to choose from. The site is aimed at both European and U.S. markets and subsequently offers many European sports such as cricket, rugby and European leagues as well as American favorites.
Sports : MySportsbook Football MySportsbook Golf MySportsbook Tennis MySportsbook Boxing MySportsbook Hockey MySportsbook Horseracing MySportsbook Rugby MySportsbook Cricket MySportsbook Auto Racing MySportsbook Baseball MySportsbook Soccer MySportsbook Basketball
BetUS Sportsbook Review
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BetUS Summary Review  |  Full BetUS Review  
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Summary: Offering its customers fast and simple ways to bet on sports online, considers itself to be one of the premier Sportsbooks of the past 12 years. The company prides itself in being the only sportsbook licensed by both the Costa Rican Government as well as the Mohawk Reservation in Montreal. Some of the site’s best features include around-the-clock customer support, payout-processing seven days a week and on-demand and a regular stream of great promotions. BetUS not only offers multiple wagering types, but also provides a detailed explanation for each type of bet. Expert and novice clients alike are able to clearly understand odds, rules and payouts prior to placing their bets.
Sports : BetUS Football BetUS Golf BetUS Tennis BetUS Boxing BetUS Hockey BetUS Horseracing BetUS Auto Racing BetUS Baseball BetUS Basketball
BetDaq Sportsbook Review
Rating (1-5 Stars):
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BetDaq Summary Review  |  Full BetDaq Review  
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Summary: BetDaq provides a very competent exchange betting service. The problem is because the service is relatively underused it simply doesn't provide a great variety of options. The cool, simple layout makes it easy to navigate and place bets. I would recommend BetDaq if you are in the UK, but not if you are in the US.
Sports : BetDaq Football BetDaq Golf BetDaq Tennis BetDaq Horseracing BetDaq Rugby BetDaq Cricket BetDaq Darts BetDaq Soccer BetDaq Basketball
Beverly Hills Bookie Sportsbook Review
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Beverly Hills Bookie Summary Review  |  Full Beverly Hills Bookie Review  
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Summary: With many options for parlay, excellent customer service and a wide selection of sports to wager on, BeverlyHillsBookie lets you wager with ease and confidence. It offers many forms and deposit/withdrawal methods and gives you a live person to guide you through the process if you are having trouble. This Costa-rican based off-shore gambling paradise also features a casino and racebook - you never can have enough gambling, right?
Sports : Beverly Hills Bookie Football Beverly Hills Bookie Tennis Beverly Hills Bookie Boxing Beverly Hills Bookie Hockey Beverly Hills Bookie Horseracing Beverly Hills Bookie Rugby Beverly Hills Bookie Baseball Beverly Hills Bookie Soccer Beverly Hills Bookie Basketball
BlueSq Sportsbook Review
Rating (1-5 Stars):
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BlueSq Summary Review  |  Full BlueSq Review  
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Summary: In the English tradition, offers a wide range of sports betting options on an easily navigated site. The folks at believe in making your experience a fun one. As for making it profitable, they give the bettor all the tools and support to give it his/her best shot possible. As long as you are a gambler betting from any country other than the U.S., and you like online betting with an English beat, you should definitey try
Sports : BlueSq Football BlueSq Australian Rules Football BlueSq Golf BlueSq Tennis BlueSq Horseracing BlueSq Dog Racing BlueSq Auto Racing BlueSq Soccer BlueSq Basketball Sportsbook Review
Rating (1-5 Stars):
User Rating : Summary Review  |  Full Review  
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Summary: A UK-based company with a tradition of satisfied online customers practically as old as the internet itself, is one of the most well-regarded, widely-recommended online gambling sites around. And for good reason; features no upfront fees, generous bonuses and covers a wide variety of online gaming options -- everything from conventional sportsbook and racing events to celebrity trials and even live casino games that allow you to play against people from all over the world. Apparently, nothing gets lost in translation when there's a mound of chips riding on the river card! also features several deposit/withdrawal methods and a fleet of patient (if not always terribly knowledgeable) customer service representatives and posts results immediately so you can move onto your next bet in no time.
Sports : Football Golf Tennis Boxing Hockey Horseracing Rugby Cricket Entertainment Baseball Soccer Basketball
Expekt Sportsbook Review
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User Rating :

Expekt Summary Review  |  Full Expekt Review  
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Summary: A Malta-based, online gambling site, Expekt features probably the most comprehensive soccer gambling options as well as some of the best casino gaming available online. Those looking for other options, however, as well as those unfamiliar with the Euro-based currency will be sorely disappointed.
Sports : Expekt Soccer
WSSB Sportsbook Review
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WSSB Summary Review  |  Full WSSB Review  
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Summary: WSSB Sportbook has been around for a long time and is a good reliable sportsbook. Several advantages of WSSB Sportbook are the many bonuses and the ability to set your own preferences. For all of you looking for that extra edge, WSSB Sportbook may be the right sportsbook for you.
Sports : WSSB Football WSSB Golf WSSB Tennis WSSB Boxing WSSB Hockey WSSB Horseracing WSSB Rugby WSSB Cricket WSSB Snooker/Pool WSSB Auto Racing WSSB Baseball WSSB Soccer WSSB Basketball
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